Podcast Interviews:
M. Louisa Locke: From Academia to Authorship, A Dream Deferred – Interviewing Authors with Tim Knox  An Interviewing Authors program with M. Louisa Locke, author of the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series. June 30, 2014


In November 2011, Jane and Mark Kalmes did a lovely Podcast Review of Maids of Misfortune and then followed up with a Podcast Interview (which is in the second half of the show) that discusses the writing of this book and my experiences with self-publishing. Interesting insight into my expectations two years into my career as an indie author.

Links to other interviews:

Between the Pages & Beyond May 16, 2015

HBS Author’s Spotlight April 4, 2014

Create Space Author Spotlight Interview December 5, 2013

On Inspiration: An Interview with M. Louisa Locke August 10, 2012

2 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. Excellent characterizations, thrilling plot in Maids of Misfortune. However, marketing sets only thru Amazon Kindle will keep me from purchases of others. $6.99 kindle for 3…. iBooks $5 apiece? My iPad will not accept Kindle app, I got Maids thru iBooks/ BookBub. Personally, I would put the set onto Apple / same price as kindle

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