Dandy and the Dognappers

It is the fall of 1882, and dogs are disappearing from the streets of San Francisco at an alarming rate. Could they be victims of medical experimentation, an over-zealous pound keeper, or are they being stolen and then returned for a hefty ransom? Once more, the intrepid Boston Terrier Dandy and his young friends, are on the case. The events in this short story come immediately after the events in Mrs. Stein Solves a Crime: A Victorian San Francisco Novella. Now available as an ebook!

Tides of Acerba

Two moons, too many demands, too little time. In this action-adventure, science fiction novel, Mei Lin Yu, the future Promise Keeper, is thrust into a position of power and responsibility she never wanted as she struggles to determine who she can trust. Is it Jaxon, a man with his own responsibilities and trust issues, Dr. Eleanor, a scientist in the ruthless pursuit of knowledge, grandaunt Anne, the most powerful woman in Caelestis, or Daniella, a young widow with a surprising secret? As Mei Lin faces one crisis after another, she will finally discover that the person she needs to learn to trust, is herself. Tides of Acerba, the fourth book in Louisa Locke’s Caelestis series, comes right after Through Ddaera’s Touch, and is part of the Paradisi Chronicles, an open-source, multi-author science fiction universe. Now available as an ebook and Read more…

Mrs. Stein Solves a Crime

Esther and Herman Stein were the first people to move into Annie Dawson’s San Francisco O’Farrell Street boardinghouse and are two of Annie biggest supporters. Yet, Esther has always disapproved of how Annie’s work, first as Madam Sibyl and now as a financial advisor, has led her into criminal investigations. All this will change when Esther is confronted with a crime of her own to solve. Chronologically, this novella comes in the summer of 1882, soon after the events in Entangled Threads, the eighth novel in the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series. However, it doesn’t need to be read in that order. As with the other shorter works in this series, Mrs. Stein Solves a Crime gives a minor character the chance to play a starring role.

Dandy’s Daring Deeds

Dandy’s Daring Deeds is a collection of already published stories featuring the Boston Terrier, Dandy, a recurring character in the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series. This collection consists of the short story, Dandy Detects, an excerpt from the novel, Uneasy Spirits, the novella, Dandy Delivers, and the short story, Dandy’s Discovery. Dandy Detects: In the fall of 1879, San Francisco swelters under a heat wave. Meanwhile, Barbara Hewitt, a reserved school-teacher who lives with her son Jamie in Annie Fuller’s O’Farrell Street boardinghouse, uncovers a mystery with the help of her son’s dog, the Boston Terrier, Dandy. Uneasy Spirits Excerpt: Annie Fuller takes a break from investigating a fraudulent trance medium in order to take a walk with two of her two boarders, Barbara and Jamie Hewitt, and their Boston Terrier, Dandy. Halloween is fast approaching and they have stopped Read more…

Entangled Threads

“Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive.” –Sir Walter Scott It is San Francisco in the summer of 1882, and Annie and Nate Dawson have finally found a good balance between the demands of family and work. Nate has an interesting legal case defending a young woman who has been left out of her mother’s will. Annie is looking into whether the financial difficulties facing the Potrero Woolen Mills are caused by bad management or bad luck. For her own reasons, Biddy O’Malley is eager to help Annie with her investigation. What none of the three of them could anticipate was how secrets and unexpected entanglements would complicate their search for the truth. Entangled Threads is the eighth full-length novel in the USA Today best-selling author’s Victorian San Francisco Mystery series. However, it can Read more…