Welcome to my website and blog. I am the indie author of the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series featuring Annie Fuller and Nate Dawson. Go to Victorian San Francisco Books to learn about the first five books in the series, Maids of MisfortuneUneasy Spirits, Bloody Lessons, Deadly Proof, and Pilfered Promises as well as the novellas, Violet Vanquishes a Villain,  Kathleen Catches a Killer, and Dandy Delivers, and the four individual short stories, which are  based on minor characters from the series.

I have also started writing in the Paradisi Chronicles, a multi-author science fiction world. See Between Mountain And Sea, Under Two Moons, and Through Ddaera’s Touch, (Books 1-3 in the Caelestis Series), The Stars are Red Tonight, the novella I co-wrote with my daughter, and the anthology, Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi, for my  short story, “Aelwyd: Home.”

Check out my Blog for the latest news on the world of self-publishing and historical fiction. Enter the world of Historical San Francisco to learn about the places, people, and events that are featured in my books and stories. If you wish to contact me, see ContactYou can also follow me on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

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News:  Scholarly Pursuits, book six in my Victorian San Francisco Mystery series is now available for pre-order, and will be out March 5, 2019. And all 3 of my Caelestis series books now have audiobook editions available.