Dandy’s Daring Deeds

As I finished writing Entangled Threads, my latest novel in the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series that came out last week, I realized with some regret that I hadn’t found a way to bring Dandy, the Boston Terrier, into the story.

At the same time, it occurred to me that a good number of people who read (or increasingly listen to) my full-length novels haven’t encountered my shorter works, which is where I have given Dandy the opportunity to play a more predominant role. So, I decided to put together the three shorter works that feature Dandy (and an excerpt from a longer work) in this collection (which represents a considerable discount from buying the stories separately). I hope you will take the time to get reacquainted (or acquainted for the first time) with Dandy and his young friends in the O’Farrell Street boardinghouse.

Here is the full description of this collection, which is available as an ebook on Amazon and most other retailers, as well as an audiobook on Chirp, AppleBooks, Kobo, and GooglePlay.

Dandy’s Daring Deeds: A Victorian San Francisco Boston Terrier Collection is a collection of already published stories featuring the Boston Terrier, Dandy, a recurring character in the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series. This collection consists of the short story, Dandy Detects, an excerpt from the novel, Uneasy Spirits, the novella, Dandy Delivers, and the short story, Dandy’s Discovery.

Dandy Detects: In the fall of 1879, San Francisco swelters under a heat wave. Meanwhile, Barbara Hewitt, a reserved school-teacher who lives with her son Jamie in Annie Fuller’s O’Farrell Street boardinghouse, uncovers a mystery with the help of her son’s dog, the Boston Terrier, Dandy.

Uneasy Spirits Excerpt: Annie Fuller takes a break from investigating a fraudulent trance medium in order to take a walk with two of her two boarders, Barbara and Jamie Hewitt, and their Boston Terrier, Dandy. Halloween is fast approaching and they have stopped to get some pumpkins when disaster strikes––an accident that, without Dandy’s intervention, could have been deadly.

Dandy Delivers: It’s January 1881, and while the grown-ups in the O’Farrell Street boardinghouse are busy with their own affairs, two boys and a dog find their own adventure. Ian Hennessey, a poor boy from South of Market, who is trying to shoulder a man’s responsibilities, gets in trouble, and his best friend, Jamie Hewitt, does what he can to help. But it is Jamie’s young Boston Terrier, Dandy, who saves the day.

Dandy’s Discovery: Something odd is happening at the O’Farrell Street boardinghouse, and Annie is worried that her new baby might be in danger. But never fear, Dandy, the Boston Terrier, will discover the culprit and all will be well.



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