The Paradisi Chronicles Science Fiction Series

One of my favorite forms of recreational reading has always been science fiction––particularly books by those authors like William Gibson, Anne McCaffrey, C. J. Cherryh, and Ursula Le Guin who excel at world building––a process that is very similar to what I do in rebuilding the world of Victorian San Francisco. As a result, in the fall of 2015, I was excited to join a group of authors who were creating an innovative science fiction series that we called the Paradisi Chronicles.

We worked for nearly a year to create a world called New Eden located in the fictional Paradisi System of the Andromeda Galaxy. We shared ideas, hammered out a backstory, drew maps, adapted technology, designed cities, and invented new species. Then we wrote stories about the people and places of this new world we’d created. We wrote in different styles, in different genres, and in different forms, and we had so much fun we have opened up this world to any other author who would like to write their own stories and add to the Paradisi Chronicles canonMore information about this open source science fiction series in general (whether you are a reader or an author who might want to write in this world) can be found HERE on the official Paradisi Chronicles website.

Within the Paradisi Chronicles series I have so far published the Caelestis Series (Between Mountain and Sea, Under Two Moons, Ddaera’s Touch, and Tides of Acerba) and I am currently working on the fifth and final novel in the series, In Ddaera’s Embrace.

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