For those of you who love to listen to audiobooks, I wanted to give you a place where you can easily find all the audiobook editions of my books. All these books are narrated by my fabulous narrator, Alexandra Haag. Click on the covers to find the buy links.

Unlike with my ebooks, there is a good deal of variety in the prices of audiobooks from store to store, consequently, on the book pages, I have tried to arrange the audiobook store links from cheapest to most expensive.

While Audible usually has the highest price, occasionally discounts the Audible edition if you buy (or download) the ebook. So, if you are someone who owns my Kindle books, you might want to start there for looking for a bargain on audiobooks.

However, the best prices can be routinely found on Chirp, AppleBooks, B&N, and Spotify, where I frequently discount my audiobooks. In addition, for international listeners, you can find my audiobooks (in English) on 


June Discounts



Audiobook discounted from $15.99 to $4.99 on Chirp, Nook, Spotify and $3.99 on Apple



Audiobook: $1.99 on Chirp, Spotify, Apple, Nook


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Victorian San Francisco Novella Audiobooks

Victorian San Francisco Stories Audiobooks

Paradisi Chronicles Science Fiction Series Audiobooks