For those of you who love to listen to audiobooks, I wanted to give you a place where you can easily find the audiobook editions of all my books. (You can still find the specific links on each book page if that is easier for you.)

In addition, unlike my ebooks, there is a good deal of variety in the prices of these audiobooks from store to store, consequently, I have ordered store links from cheapest to most expensive, letting you know what kind of discounts you can find.

Finally, I will put information on this page about any special discounts that are going on.

I hope you find the bargains you are looking for!


For now, the NOOK Store has the largest audiobook discounts.

$1.49 for the 4 short stories: Madam Sibyl’s First Client, Dandy Detects, The Misses Moffet Mend a Marriage, Mr. Wong Rights a Wrong.
$3.99 for novellas: Violet Vanquishes a Villain, Kathleen Catches a Killer, Dandy Delivers
$4.49 for the Victorian San Francisco Stories
$7.49 for Maids of Misfortune
$9.99 for the Victorian San Francisco Novellas
$11.49 for novels: Bloody Lessons, Deadly Proof, Pilfered Promises, Between Mountain and Sky, Under Two Moons, Through Ddaera’s Touch.


The prices on Apple Books range from $1.99 for the short stories to $12.99 for most of the novels ($7.99 for Maids of Misfortune.) Make make sure you are getting the 2019 versions because Apple Books includes the higher priced Audible versions in their catalog as well.



The prices on GooglePlay range from $1.99 for the short stories to $13.95 for most of the novels. Again, Maids of Misfortune is slightly cheaper at $9.95.



The prices on Kobo range between $1.99 for short stories to $14.95 for most of the novels. Maids of Misfortune is $9.99. Kobo has a subscription service–at $9.99 a month.




The prices on Audible, unless you are an Audible Member (membership is $14.95 a month) or have bought the ebook version, are the highest over all. The prices range from $3.95 for the short stories to $24.95 for novels, including Maids of Misfortune. Uneasy Spirits, is the only audiobook I have that is only available on Audible and will also discount the Audible edition (and will often show you the discount you would get if you buy (or download) the ebook. So, if you are someone who owns my Kindle books, you might want to start there for looking for bargain.


Some of my audiobooks books are also found on Scribd, Playster, eStories, and Beek. For international listeners, you can find my audiobooks (in English) on