Shift to New Blog and Newsletter Complete

Dear Reader,

I have been delighted with the response to my decision to shift my blogs over to my new daily newsletter, An Aging Author’s Daily Diversions, on  I currently have over 360 subscribers, and I have enjoyed interspersing my general posts about my writing progress and attempts to maintain a good healthy balance to my life with little descriptions of the research I’ve done called Historical Tidbits, weekly posts of my father’s poetry, as well as periodic posts about my experience as an Indie Author. If you click link above, you can sample some of these posts and see if you would like to subscribe.

If you are only interested in getting news about new publications, hearing about ebook and audiobook discounts, or participating in my Audiobook Raffle, then you should subscribe to M. Louisa Locke’s Monthly Newsletter.


M. Louisa Locke, July 6, 2022

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