Between Mountain and Sea

MSHR1200x1800Mei Lin Yu should have been looking forward to the next stage in her life. As a descendant of one of the Founding Families who led the exodus from a dying Earth and now rule New Eden, Mei’s choices are endless. But she has never felt part of the Yu Family or the world of technological marvels and genetic perfection the Founders created.    

All that will change the summer she spends at Mynyddamore, the home her ancestor Mabel Yu built in western Caelestis. Here, living among the Ddaerans, the original inhabitants of New Eden, Mei will discover secrets about Mabel Yu that her family want to keep buried and a truth about herself that will forever change her own destiny.

Between Mountain and Sea is a coming of age novel, the first book in Louisa Locke’s Caelestis series in the Paradisi Chronicles (an open source, science fiction world created by multiple authors). The sequels, Under Two Moons and Through Ddaera’s Touch, continue the story of Mei Lin as she comes face to face with another secret from the past.

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