Discounts for Spring 2019

First of all, thanks to everyone who has bought the most recent book in my Victorian San Francisco mystery series, Scholarly Pursuits, and said such nice things about it in comments and reviews. This certainly motivates me to get right back to writing. I am currently doing research on women in the medical professions in San Francisco for the next mystery, while working on the sequel to the novella I co-wrote with my daughter,  The Stars are Red Tonight, which is set in the Paradisi Chronicles universe.

And the first two discounts I wanted to tell you about are on Between Mountain and Sea, the first book in my Caelesis series. For a limited time, the ebook edition, which is currently only found on Kindle, is on the Prime Reading list. What that means is that if you subscribe to Amazon Prime you can borrow Between Mountain and Sea for Free–all you have to do is be signed into your Amazon Prime account when you click to buy the book. 

Amazon Prime is different than Kindle Unlimited (which is a separate subscription service), and prior to the folks of KDP asking to include Between Mountain and Sea on the Prime Reading list, I had no idea that prime membership (which I use to get free shipping and stream movies) also included access to a rotating list of about 1000 ebooks, which you can borrow for free. To see the entire Prime Reading list, click HERE.

I hope that those of you who are fans of my mystery series but have been hesitant to give my science fiction work a try will use this opportunity to try this book for free. I have been very encouraged by how positively both readers who are familiar with my mysteries and readers who are new to my work have responded to this series–with 78% giving Between Mountain and Sea 5 stars. 

And, for those of you who prefer audiobooks, Between Mountain and Sea is not only available to buy in a whole lot of different stores, but in Barnes and Noble’s online store, they have discounted the audiobook edition 50%, so it is only $7.50. I don’t know how long this discount will last, but I also noticed they had the next two audiobooks in this series, Under Two Moons and Through Ddaera’s Touch, discounted 23% for now as well. 

And speaking of audiobooks. I am very excited to announce that I have had a new edition of Maids of Misfortune produced by Alexandra Haag, who has narrated all of my other Victorian San Francisco mystery books, as well as my Paradisi Chronicles trilogy. I am sorry to say that listeners didn’t respond well to the narrator for the original edition of Maids of Misfortune, which is why I switched to Alexandra. However, now that my original contract with that first narrator is over, I am very pleased that I have been able to get this new version produced by Alexandra. It is not available everywhere yet, but it is available on iTunes–for the discounted price of only $7.99 which is a wonderful deal. 

And finally, the boxed set of the first 4 books in the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series is available on Kobo at a 40% discount until March 25. All you have to do is put in the code 40MAR at check out. Here is a page listing all the boxed sets currently involved in this Kobo promotion. 

So, lots of opportunities to get some reading and listening materials at a discount as you look forward to sunnier weather after a very long winter.

M. Louisa Locke, March, 22, 2019

Victorian SF Mystery and Caelestis Series News

Victorian San Francisco Novellas collection now Available

This collection brings together three novellas: Violet Vanquishes a Villain, Katherine Catches a Killer, and Dandy Delivers.These shorter works contain the light romance, humor, and suspense of the novels in her cozy Victorian San Francisco mystery series and are an excellent introduction to the gas-lit world of late 19th-century San Francisco.

Violet Vanquishes a Villain: In this novella set in August of 1880, Annie and Nate Dawson’s trip down the San Francisco peninsula to San Jose was supposed to be a pleasant romantic interlude and a chance for Annie to get to know Nate’s family better. When the visit takes a serious turn, Annie races to expose a criminal who could ruin a young man’s life, getting help from an unexpected quarter. The events in Violet Vanquishes a Villaincome right after Deadly Proof, the fourth book in Locke’s Victorian San Francisco mystery series.

Kathleen Catches a Killer: As 1880 comes to a close, the O’Farrell Street boardinghouse servant, Kathleen Hennessey, expects to spend a quiet week while her employers, amateur sleuths Annie and Nate Dawson, are off spending the Christmas holidays with Nate’s family. However, when she agrees to help out one of her friends, Kathleen discovers that a simple case of a servant being dismissed without notice has turned into a complicated and dangerous puzzle that she is determined to solve. The events in Kathleen Catches a Killer come right between those in Pilfered Promises and the third novella in this collection, Dandy Delivers.

Dandy Delivers: It’s January, 1881, and while the grown-ups in Annie and Nate Dawson’s San Francisco O’Farrell Street boardinghouse are busy with their own affairs, two boys and a dog find their own adventure. Ian Hennessey, a poor boy from South of Market, who is trying to shoulder a man’s responsibilities, gets in trouble, and his best friend, Jamie Hewitt, does what he can to help. But it is Jamie’s young Boston Terrier, Dandy, who saves the day.

Buy now for Kindle, and in all  major ebookstores. Print edition also available on Amazon.


Changes in Availability of Paradisi Chronicles-Caelestis Series

This past year, the first book in my Caelestis Series trilogy (Between Mountain and Seahas been permanently free, and this book and the other two books in the trilogy (Under Two Moons and Through Ddaera’s Touch) and the Caelestis Series Boxed Set, containing these three books and a bonus short story, have been available in all major ebook retailers. However, next week I will start putting these books into Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

The good news is that these books will now be free to borrow for those of you who subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited program.

The bad news is that Between Mountain and Sea will no longer be permanently free and none of the books will be available through other retailers besides Amazon. I will still do frequent free and discount promotions of all these books––which I will announce in this newsletter.

I am making this announcement so that you have the chance to download Between Mountain and Sea or buy any of the other books while they are still widely available, a good opportunity to stock up on some science fiction reading for the winter holidays.

Between Mountain and Sea and Under Two Moons are now available as audiobooks now in a variety of stores, and the third book in the trilogy should be in an audiobook edition before Christmas.

And never fear, any new publications of books I write for the Paradisi Chronicles I will make widely available–at least for a short time.


Meanwhile, I am hard at work finishing the first draft of the next full-length novel in the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series. Title is Scholarly Pursuit, it is set in University of California; Berkeley in 1881, which means it features Laura Dawson and her friends. I hope to have the book ready for pre-order around Christmas.

M. Louisa Locke

Update and Promotional Offerings


A year ago, I had just published Pilfered Promises, the fifth book in my Victorian San Francisco Mystery Series, and I had just begun work on the sequel to my first full-length science fiction novel, Between Mountain and Sea. I hoped that I would get this book done and out within six months, so I could go back to doing the work on my next book in the continuing story of Annie and Nate and the O’Farrell Street Boarding house. I told myself, surely I could write a nice short book…maybe in the 60,000 to 70,000 word range…in that time, and still be able to live a balanced life (theoretically I am retired.)

But of course, life and the writing muse had different plans.

A series of trips (to conventions and visits with my daughter and grandsons), the constant work it seems to take to keep my body moving at my age, a demanding schedule of lunches and tea dates with friends, a number of other authors’ manuscripts I had the honor to beta read, and the unexpected discovery that my short sequel had turned into two full-length books, meant that here I am, not six months, but a year later, finally, starting to work on my next historical mystery.

But I do have the satisfaction of having produced two books more books in the Paradisi Chronicles series that I am quite fond of, and the following promotion is my way of celebrating this achievement.


For the rest of September, Between Mountain and Sea will be free, and the second book, Under Two Moons, only 99 cents. The third book, Through Ddaera’s Touch, was just published this week, and I am hoping that everyone who reads the first two books will be more than happy to buy the third, which completes the set, for the low price of $4.99.

Between Mountain and Sea is FREE on: KindleiBooks | Nook | Kobo | GooglePlay

Under Two Moons is 99 cents on: Kindle | iBooks | Nook | Kobo | GooglePlay

Through Ddaera’s Touch is now available on: Kindle | iBooks | Nook | Kobo | GooglePlay 

And the novella set in the Paradisi Chronicles World with my daughter, The Stars are Red Tonight, is now free if you get Kindle Unlimited.

Happy Fall!

M. Louisa, September 17, 2017


Under Two Moons Now Available

Been very quiet for months because I was working…still am…on my science fiction books set in the open source world of the Paradisi Chronicles that I helped create. This week Under Two Moons, the second book in my Caelestis series has come out as a ebook, to be followed in mid September by the third book, Through Ddaera’s Touch. Both books will be available in print by the end of September.

Introduction to the Caelestis Series

In the early decades of the twenty-first century, the problems of climate change, epidemics, civil war, cyber terrorism, and nuclear proliferation have set Earth on a path of escalating disasters.

In the year 2025 AD, ten men and women come together to address these problems. These individuals each have enormous personal wealth that they made in a variety of commercial enterprises around the globe. What they have in common besides their great wealth is a deep pessimism about the future of Earth and an enormous optimism about space exploration as the only viable solution for the continuation of human kind. To that end, these men and women, who call themselves the Founders, begin the Paradisi Project.

The purpose of the Paradisi Project is the colonization of New Eden, a recently discovered planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that scientists deem capable of sustaining human life. The Paradisi Project harnesses the best minds on Earth to develop the scientific breakthroughs in intersteller travel and wormhole technology needed to transport the ten Founding Families to New Eden to establish a viable colony. Once there, their mission will be to ensure that this new colony doesn’t make the same mistakes that are destroying Earth.

By 2092 AD, the Paradisi Project has achieved its goals. With Earth continuing on its path to destruction, a fleet of ten ships are launched, each carrying 10,000 passengers––Founding Family members, their loyal employees, and the staff necessary to build a new civilization once their journey ends. What the Founders didn’t count on was that, even though they easily conquer the technologically backward natives they encounter when they first arrive, these Ddaerans have mystifying powers that will make them dangerous enemies

Meanwhile, the Founders had left behind on Earth the SS Challenge, the 11th ship and the prototype for the rest of the Nautilus Fleet. The Reachers, employees of the Reach Corp, were promised passage on this ship if they retrofitted for the long journey to New Eden, and as a reward for their role building the space elevators, stations, and ships that made the Paradisi Project possible, but when the time comes for their journey to New Eden, they face nothing but betrayal.

By the fifth generation of settlement, New Eden isn’t quite the paradise the Founders hoped for and there are the beginnings of a movement to resist the ten Founding Families and the Council of Ten that governs the world.

Between Mountain and Sea (Caelestis Series Book 1) features Mabel Yu, one of the Founders who made the journey to New Eden, and her descendent, Mei Lin Yu, who, in 165 AA (After Arrival), comes to live at Mynyddamore, the ancestral home that Mabel Yu built in the first years of settlement as a place where Founders and Ddaerans, the natives that  were already living on New Eden, could live in harmony. Here, Mei Lin discovers secrets about herself and her family’s past that will forever change her destiny.

Under Two Moons (Caelestis Series Book 2) is set in 167 AA, two years after the events of Between Mountain and Sea, and features Mei Lin Yu and her family and Ddaeran friends as they discover visitors from a distant past and a threat to Mynyddamore’s future.

Through Ddaera’s Touch (Caelestis Series Book 3) (Coming soon!) begins right after the conclusion of Under Two Moons, as Mei Lin works to forge an alliance between Ddaerans, New Eden citizens, and Reachers to resist their common enemies.

After you finish Between Mountain and Sea, Under Two Moons, and Through Ddaera’s Touch, I would suggest you read the short stories in Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi and the two series of novellas by Andy McKell and Cheri Lasota that detail the experiences of the Reachers on the SS Challenge. For the beginning of the story of a different Founding Family–the Kuttners, do check out The Stars are Red Tonight, a novella I have co-written with my daughter, Ashley.

For more information about the Paradisi Chronicles series, including maps of Caelestis, New Eden, where most of the action in my books occurs, go to

Mei Lin Yu, a shy studious young woman from a Founding Family, and Silence, a fierce snowcat running with outlaws, shouldn’t have anything in common. But on New Eden, a world where the native Ddaerans have psychic abilities, a world ruled by the Founders who fled a dying Earth…anything is possible.

When Mei Lin is forced out of the comfortable refuge of Mynyddamore and confronted with a secret from the past that is very much alive, will she be able to save herself and Silence to gain the trust of a man who has no reason to trust anyone from a Founding Family?

Under Two Moons, a science fiction action adventure novel, is the sequel to Between Mountain and Sea and is the second book in Louisa Locke’s Caelestis series in the Paradisi Chronicles (an open source science fiction series created by multiple authors).

Ebook: Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, GooglePlay


Holiday Promotions

BostonTholidayI thought I would let you all know about a couple of promotions I am running for the holidays. Maids of Misfortune, the first book in my Victorian San Francisco Mystery series, is still free in most ebookstores, but I have also made Uneasy Spirits, the second book in the series, FREE until 12/27 on Kindle, iTunes, Nook, Kobo, and GooglePlay.

In addition, Uneasy Spirits has just been whispersynced, which means that if you own a copy of the Kindle ebook edition you get the audiobook version for only $1.99.

For those of you like to give ebooks as gifts, a reminder that the first four books in the series is available as a boxed set for $8.99–a 40% discount.

Finally, Between Mountain and Sea, my first novel in the Paradisi Chronicles series, will be only 99 cents on Kindle between January 2-8, 2017. (Oh, just wrote 2017 for the first time!) Since I am busily working away on Under Two Moons, the sequel, you might think about getting it now (and it is free for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited as well.) 

Happy Holidays!

M. Louisa Locke