Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi

13934840_10154277452005170_8560177693795103931_nFrom Samuel Peralta, creator of the best-selling Future Chronicles science fiction/fantasy anthologies featuring independent authors, this book features twelve short stories set in the Paradisi Chronicles universe. I am honored that one of my stories, Aelwyd: Home, is included in this collection. 

Aelwdy: Home is set in the first year of settlement on New Eden, the planet colonized by the ten Founding Families who have fled a dying Earth. Kammie, a young girl who appeared briefly in my novel, Between Mountain and Sea, finds that living on a planet takes her way out of her comfort zone. After a life-time living in space,  dirt, bugs, even the open sky scared her. But when her stepbrother disappears into the wilderness, she has to summon the courage to go find him, or die trying.

Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi is coming September 2016