Podcast Interview with Hank Garner

Two weeks ago, I was contacted by author Hank Garner who does interviews for his Author Stories Podcast, and the interview just went live today. Hank is a great interviewer (so check out his site), and I was particularly happy that we not only got to talk about my Victorian San Francisco Mystery Series but that I was also able to introduce his listeners to the history behind the Paradisi Chronicles–the open source science fiction universe I have been working on with six other authors for the past year.

In fact, the reason Hank had heard of me was that, even though the first round of works written for the Paradisi Chronicles aren’t going to be out until September 1, our whole enterprise was now the subject of a good deal of buzz among the science fiction/fantasy world of indies. I explained today how this happened in this blog post on the Paradisi Chronicles blog, so if you want to know the details–go on over. Suffice it to say, once again Hugh Howey played a role.  The outcome of that buzz is that we already have nearly 30 published indie authors who have expressed interest in writing in our universe. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, remember you can pre-order Between Mountain and Sea, my coming of age science fiction novel and Butler’s Brother, the short story I collaborated on with my daughter, Ashley Angelly–both set in the Paradisi Chronicles universe.

M. Louisa Locke, August 4, 2015

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