A Gift for the Holidays: A Victorian San Francisco Novella

violet_1600x2400I am delighted that I was able to finish the next installment in the Victorian San Francisco Mystery series in time to give it away for the holidays. Violet Vanquishes a Villain (which started out as a short story and grew into a 28,000 word novella) picks up where the fourth book in the series, Deadly Proof, left off. And it is now available as a FREE electronic download for anyone who has subscribed or wishes to subscribe to my newsletter. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE

In addition, for those who would rather buy it directly, it will be only 99 cents through December 20, 2015 on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and eventually Apple.

Here’s the description:

In this novella, Annie and Nate Dawson, the amateur sleuths from M. Louisa Locke’s cozy Victorian San Francisco Mystery series, are visiting Nate’s family at their ranch near San Jose, California. What was supposed to be a pleasant romantic interlude for the two of them, plus a chance for Annie to get to know Nate’s family better, turns serious when a crime is uncovered. And, as in Locke’s short stories from this series, Annie gets help in resolving the crisis from a very unexpected quarter. Violet Vanquishes a Villain comes right after Deadly Proof, the fourth book in the series, although it can certainly be read as a stand-alone story.


Finally, a reminder that you can get the first three books in this series at a substantial discount if you buy the Boxed Set on Kindle. At $6.99, it is a 40% discount, and if you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber you can get it for FREE. Perfect as a gift for someone else as well.


M. Louisa Locke,
December 12, 2015

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  1. Please download my he free copy of ” Violet” to my kindle app. I so enjoyed the first two books.

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    1. Dear Diana,

      At the bottom there is a link to RSS Feed for comments and one for the post, it could be you clicked on the comment one. So one thing you could do is go back to the home page and click on the other one. Or try subscribing by going to the side bar and putting your email into where it asks if you would like to subscribe to the blog. Let me know if either of those strategies work for you.

  2. How do I get the free copy – when I click on it, it takes me to Amazon and it says the price is $2.99 (not that that is a bad price 🙂 ) because I <3 your books just a chapter away from finishing Deadly Proof (saving the final chapter(s) to savor the wedding). Maybe I just didn't follow the link soon enough, I got busy with Christmas…

    1. Dear Kimberly,

      Have you signed up for the newsletter? If so, the last issue gave you a link where you can go and get it free…if not, if you subscribe now, the final email confirming your subscription will give you this link. Here is the link to sign up for the newsletter.

      1. Louise – guess I should have poked more – thankfully I practically never toss out any emails I think are interesting (like yours 🙂 ) – I just had to do some sorting to find all my emails from you, and then I found the last newsletter. I just downloaded Violet Vanquishes A Villain 🙂 Thanks for the quick response though. Have a wonderful New Year.

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