Launch of Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi

cw-paradisi-ebookFor those of you interested in my work in the open-source Science Fiction series that I helped create (see this blog piece on the origin of this series), I am proud to announce that a new anthology of short stories, Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi, set in this world, has just been launched…zooming up to the top of the Amazon best-seller Science Fiction Anthologies list.

Part of the acclaimed ‘Future Chronicles’ series of speculative fiction anthologies, published by Samuel Paralta, in Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi, twelve authors take us on an incredible journey with adventurers, scientists and colonists, as they push the boundaries against the unknown, against alien civilization, and themselves.

I am excited to have one of the stories in this anthology, “Aelwyd:Home,” which tells the story of Kammie, one of the minor characters in my full-length Paradisi Chronicles novel, Between Mountain and Sea. 

In addition, my daughter, Ashley Angelly, is one of the other authors in this collection, with “Aderyn Tanllyd: A Tale of New Eden,” the story of two Ddaeran brothers.

For a limited time, Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi is only 99 cents on Kindle. I highly recommend it as a great introduction to the whole series.

In addition, to celebrate the launch of this anthology, I am discounting Between Mountain and Sea to 99 cents, and Ashley and I are offering The Stars are Red Tonightthe novella we co-wrote in the series for Free until November 8, 2016.

MSHR1200x1800Between Mountain and Sea, a science fiction coming of age novel, introduces Mei Lin Yu, a young New Eden girl, and Mabel, her ancestor who took the journey to New Eden from Earth over a century and a half earlier. This work is part of the Paradisi Chronicles.

Mei Lin Yu should have been looking forward to the next stage in her life. As a descendant of one of the ten Founding Families who led the exodus from a dying Earth and now rule New Eden, her choices are endless. But she has never felt part of that Founding Family or the world of technological marvels and genetic perfection they created.

All that will change the summer she spends at Mynyddamore, her ancestral home in western Caelestis, wedged between Mynyddeira, New Eden’s highest mountain, and the Sapphire Sea. Here, living among the Ddaerans, the original inhabitants of New Eden, she will discover secrets her family want to keep buried and a truth about herself that will forever change her destiny.

Between Mountain and Sea is 99 cents on Kindle

StarsAreRedTonightFinal800x1200-2The year is 2092 and Earth is slowly dying, but Trevor and Saya are holding their own. They have steady work in Seattle and unlike ninety-nine percent of the planet’s residents, they aren’t starving, their city isn’t underwater, threatened by fire, ravaged by disease, or under military rule. Their jobs are boring but at least they are safe. That is until an encrypted flash drive falls into their hands. Suddenly their lives are upended and nothing will ever be the same again.

The Stars are Red Tonight is part of the Paradisi Chronicles series, a science fiction adventure through time, space and generations, brought to life through the creativity of multiple authors. In this romantic suspense novella, Ashley Angelly and Louisa Locke introduce the Kuttners, one of the ten founding families who escape a dying Earth to colonize New Eden, a planet a galaxy away.

The Stars are Red Tonight is Free on Kindle

So for under $2 you get a novel, a novella, and twelve short stories set in this exciting new series! Can’t get much better than that. 🙂

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