Boxed set only 99 cents until July 15

Although I imagine most of you already have read the first 4 books in my series of Victorian San Francisco Mysteries, I did want to alert you to this sale of the Boxed Set, a $8.99 value for only 99 cents until July 15. In any event, you might think about what a nifty gift this boxed set would be to give to someone who could use some light summer reading. (Amazon and other retailers have made gifting books to others pretty simple.) You can get the boxed set at  Kindle  Apple  Nook  Kobo  GooglePlay

I also thought you might enjoy the post I wrote over on the Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative page, entitled “Writing Historical Mysteries: What comes first, research or plot?”

M. Louisa Locke, July 9, 2018

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  1. Thank you! I have all the first four books and loved them! Your characters are so life like and memorable. I actually feel like I know each one. It seems like I have been transported through a time machine and am experiencing the late Victorian era when I read your novels and stories. I will pass this great deal on to some friends that I am sure will love your books as much as I do.


    Rebecca Bradley

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