Uneasy Spirits Free and Bloody Lessons Discounts

I like to promote the second book in my Victorian San Francisco series, Uneasy Spirits, in October, because it is such a perfect read for those people who like a little taste of the supernatural with their mysteries. Even though in this novel, Annie is tasked with unmasking a fraudulent spiritualist, her encounters with the young girl, Evie May, are just a bit disconcerting. In addition, this book let me explore the ways that San Franciscans, especially the Irish, celebrated Halloween in the late 19th century.

So, until October 5, you can get the ebook version of Uneasy Spirits FREE on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, AppleBooks, and GooglePlay. For those of you outside of the US, this link will help you find a version on international retailers.  And for those of you who buy the Amazon ebook edition, the audiobook version is only $7.99

Speaking of audiobooks, the audiobook edition of Bloody Lessons, the third book in the series, is discounted to $2.99 through the month of October on AppleBooks, Nook, and the new audiobook site, Chirp.

And, I am pleased to announce that the audiobook edition of my newest novel, Scholarly Pursuits, is now available on AppleBooks, Kobo, GooglePlay, and Chirp.

In fact, all of my audiobooks, can now be found in the Chirp catalog if you just put my name in the search bar on the Chirp home page. All these audiobook editions are significantly discounted from the Audible editions.

A note to any author reading this, if you have books distributed through Findaway Voices, your books should now be in the Chirp catalog, so you might go look and let your fans know. In addition, I was just at the NINC writers convention where BookBub announced they were continuing their beta testing of Featured Deals for audiobooks through Chirp and they were also setting up a way to let authors with a BookBub profile target audiobook listeners with ads. This should significantly increase the opportunities for indie authors with audiobook editions (see this blog post for my thoughts on this.)

Anyway, as the nights get colder (or warmer for those of you down under), happy reading!

M. Louisa Locke, October 3, 2019

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