Taking Science Fiction Series out of Kindle Unlimited

Just a quick announcement that this is the last day my Paradisi Chronicles science fiction series (Between Mountain and Sea, Under Two Moons, Through Ddaera’s Touch–and the Boxed Set) will be in Kindle Unlimited.

If you subscribe to KU, and think you might be interested in trying them, you will need to borrow them now because I’m not sure if or when I might put them in KU again.

For those of you who don’t have Kindles and use other eReaders, watch here for announcements when the books show up in other retailers–which should be in a week or less.


M. Louisa Locke, November 24, 2019


2 Replies to “Taking Science Fiction Series out of Kindle Unlimited”

  1. Dear Louisa – I have those books (AND LOVE THEM) just anxiously waiting for your next ones and your daughters!!!!!

    1. Thanks!

      I hope that my daughter and I can finish the sequel to her novella this spring and summer. Meanwhile she is working on her own fantasy epic, and I am working on my mysteries. So many stories to tell, so little time!

      Mary Louisa

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