Lethal Remedies and other Audiobook News

Lethal Remedies is now an Audiobook:

Last spring as the pandemic broke out, there was some debate about whether or not audiobooks, which had been increasing their sales year-over-year, would take a hit. The logic was that most people had been listening to audiobooks while they were commuting. With the lock-down in many large urban cities, the initial drop in sales numbers seemed to support that idea. Yet, as the months of social isolation have worn on, there have been signs that the decline in audiobook sales has been temporary.

I was carefully watching these numbers in May, when Lethal Remedies came out, to determine whether or not I should hold off on getting the audiobook edition produced. The cost is minimal to produce ebook and print versions for my books (primarily the cost of the cover design) since I do all the formatting and uploading of the books myself (with the help of Vellum.) Audiobooks are a different matter, altogether. Given the length of Lethal Remedies, I knew the cost of production would be around $3000–an amount that could take years to pay off in terms of sales. The cost of production has been one of the reasons I often don’t spend the money tor an audiobook production until the ebook has been out some time (and has made enough money so I feel good about reinvesting some of that income into the production of an audiobook.)

I am glad to say that so many of you were kind enough to buy the ebook version of Lethal Remedies (which currently has over 100 reviews on Amazon) that I was able to speed that process up considerably. So I am happy to announce that the audiobook version is out–and available everywhere but Audible (which takes a very long time to upload when you don’t go directly with them. But, if you aren’t an Audible member, the non-audible prices are much lower– Nook has actually discounted the audiobook to $8.99 and Apple Books to $9.99, which is a very good deal for a book that is 12 hours long!

Product Description: Annie has a problem. She has a beautiful child, a loving husband, a well-run boardinghouse with a supportive circle of friends and family, but she’s feeling restless and unhappy.

Dr. Charlotte Brown, the doctor who delivered Annie’s baby, has a different problem. The Pacific Dispensary for Women and Children, the clinic and hospital she co-founded, is being threatened by financial and legal difficulties caused by the mysterious illness of a former patient.

When Annie takes up the challenge to help Dr. Brown and the dispensary, she will discover that getting back into the business of investigating crimes is exactly the remedy she requires.

Available as an audiobook on Nook, Apple Books, Chirp, Kobo, GooglePlay and Scribd


Other Audiobook News:

Beatrice Bests the Burglar Discount:

The audio book version of the short story, Beatrice Bests the Burglars, is only 89 cents on Chirp and 99 cents on Kobo, Nook, and GooglePlay for the rest of September.

Product Description: Beatrice O’Rourke, the O’Farrell Street boardinghouse cook, has the afternoon off.  What could possibly go wrong?

This short story in the USA Today bestselling Victorian San Francisco Mystery series features one of the most beloved characters in the series, as well as giving the reader a tour of the boardinghouse itself. Chronologically, this story comes soon after the events in Scholarly Pursuits, so if you don’t like spoilers, you might want to wait to read it until you have finished that book.

New source of free audiobooks:

I’ve found a new site for people in the US and GB to get free audiobooks on Audible called Free Audiobook Codes

Currently you can get codes for Uneasy Spirits by clicking here, although I’ve discovered these codes, particularly for US subscribers, go very fast.

Other News:

As I continue to weather social isolation–imposed by both health and circumstances–I keep searching for ways to stay connected to others, particularly readers, while I slowly work on my next book. My most recent endeavor has been to start keeping a daily diary on my author Facebook page. I confess, so far there are an embarrassing number of entries (and pictures) of my cranky old cat, but I am having fun, and it has helped me keep track of the passage of time. So, if you think you might enjoy a glimpse into my world, do go on over and say hello and follow me at https://www.facebook.com/mlouisalockeauthor/

Take care,

M. Louisa Locke, September 18, 2020




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  1. Hello Dr. Locke,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful family pictures, and I love your cats. I will look at more pictures later when I log in on Facebook.
    I enjoy all your Victorian San Francisco Gas Mysteries very much. I do not mind paying more for your paper book as I am not a fan of any audiobooks. I still prefer the old-fashion way of reading my books.
    I wish you all the best, good health and keep yourself safe.

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