Lethal Remedies and other Audiobook News

Lethal Remedies is now an Audiobook: Last spring as the pandemic broke out, there was some debate about whether or not audiobooks, which had been increasing their sales year-over-year, would take a hit. The logic was that most people had been listening to audiobooks while they were commuting. With the lock-down in many large urban cities, the initial drop in sales numbers seemed to support that idea. Yet, as the months of social isolation have worn on, there have been signs that the decline in audiobook sales has been temporary. I was carefully watching these numbers in May, when Lethal Remedies came out, to determine whether or not I should hold off on getting the audiobook edition produced. The cost is minimal to produce ebook and print versions for my books (primarily the cost of the cover design) since I do Read more…

Valentine’s Day and Bloody Lessons

Every year I try to discount the third mystery in my series, Bloody Lessons, around February because of its Valentine’s Day setting. This year, the ebook is again Free on Kindle and all other major retailers until January 31. In addition, this year the audiobook edition is also discounted. You can get it on Apple Books for only $3.99 or on Chirp for $4.18 until February 14. (for those of you who prefer audible, the ebook only costs $7.49 when you have bought the Kindle Amazon edition.) To get you in the mood, here is a post I wrote some time ago about Valentine’s Day in 1880 (first published in the Historical Fiction Author’s Cooperative). I had so much fun figuring out how the Irish in San Francisco celebrated Halloween, that as I started writing Bloody Lessons, I decided I should Read more…

Books for Holiday Reading

I don’t know about you all, but the one time I have uninterrupted, guilt-free reading time is during the holidays–particularly on the days I am traveling, sitting in airports, on planes, in a hotel room in the evening, and when other people take naps. Here are a couple of promotions I have joined that have lots of books to read during your holiday down time. Hope you find some you will enjoy. Oh, and the audiobook edition of my novella, Kathleen Catches a Killer, is 99 cents on Nook and Chirp and $1.99 on Apple Books.   Click on the pictures below for details!      

Experience the winter holidays, Victorian San Francisco Style

Pilfered Promises, the fifth book in my Victorian San Francisco Mystery series is set in the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it is fun to promote it during this time of year. This year, it is the audiobook version of the book that is being discounted, only $1.99 at AppleBooks and Chirp throughout November. In addition, here is a reprint of a post I did several years ago on the Indie Brag website. A Victorian San Francisco Christmas Because the most recent book in my Victorian San Francisco Mystery series, Pilfered Promises, is set during the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 1880, I spent a good deal of time researching how residents of that city were celebrating the holidays that year, including looking for articles in the San Francisco Chronicle. What I found was that many of the traditions that we are Read more…

Girls Rule

I’ve joined a promotion with over 50 other authors who have books with strong young female protagonists. All of them are free on Kindle Unlimited and can be accessed Here. Speaking of strong young women, if you haven’t read Bloody Lessons, the third book in my Victorian San Francisco Mystery series that introduces Nate Dawson’s younger sister Laura, you might want to check out the audiobook version of this book, which is still on sale at the low price of $2.99 until October 31 on AppleBooks, Nook, and Chirp.