Pilfered Promises

Pilfered Promises

Series: A Victorian San Francisco Mystery (Book 5)

It is November of 1880, and the future looks promising for Annie and Nate Dawson. Nate’s law practice is taking off. Annie has made the transition from pretend clairvoyant to a successful financial consultant, and as a couple, they are looking forward to spending their first Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays together.

For Robert Livingston, the owner San Francisco’s newest grand emporium, the holidays are shaping up to be a dismal failure if he can’t figure out how to stop whoever is stealing from his department store, the Silver Strike Bazaar.When he hires the Dawsons to investigate, Annie and Nate discover that behind the doors of Livingston’s “Palace of Plenty,” nothing is quite what it seems.

Semi-finalist for the 2018 Chanticleer Mystery and Mayhem Awards

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This is an excellent cozy historical mystery, but what makes me give it five stars is the depth of the world that the author creates. Her mastery of the cultural milieu of Victorian San Francisco allows her to create an immersive experience for the reader. In the San Francisco of the 1880's, much like today, the future had arrived, but was unequally distributed. The city and the characters struggle to adapt to a dynamic present while remaining true to the best parts of their cultural heritage.
-- William Ockham, Amazon review
Adorable characters, interesting people, and a mystery. Great story that pulls the reader through twists and turns as the plot unfolds and the Dawsons sweetly work together with their friends and solve another important case. The details in the historical setting come alive and will bring you to another time and place. I loved this book as a stand-alone, yet have read all of this series that have been released.
-- Julie R. Evans, Amazon review

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