What am I doing in response to the Pandemic?

Dear friends and readers, I’m in that group (elderly with compromised immune system), so I’m being good and staying at home as much as I can. This meant pulling out of Left Coast Crime, a convention what was held in my home town this week, even though I was on a panel and this made me feel guilty. Of course, then when everyone else on the panel also pulled out and the actual convention was halted during the second day by an order of the county, I felt smart and responsible. I’ve two more outings I can’t cancel, but I’m cancelling everything else and using the phone or internet instead of face-to-face contact. And I am letting my much healthier husband do the limited trips outside the house. And we are not hoarding TP. (smile) But that doesn’t seem enough. Read more…

Valentine’s Day and Bloody Lessons

Every year I try to discount the third mystery in my series, Bloody Lessons, around February because of its Valentine’s Day setting. This year, the ebook is again Free on Kindle and all other major retailers until January 31. In addition, this year the audiobook edition is also discounted. You can get it on Apple Books for only $3.99 or on Chirp for $4.18 until February 14. (for those of you who prefer audible, the ebook only costs $7.49 when you have bought the Kindle Amazon edition.) To get you in the mood, here is a post I wrote some time ago about Valentine’s Day in 1880 (first published in the Historical Fiction Author’s Cooperative). I had so much fun figuring out how the Irish in San Francisco celebrated Halloween, that as I started writing Bloody Lessons, I decided I should Read more…

Books for Holiday Reading

I don’t know about you all, but the one time I have uninterrupted, guilt-free reading time is during the holidays–particularly on the days I am traveling, sitting in airports, on planes, in a hotel room in the evening, and when other people take naps. Here are a couple of promotions I have joined that have lots of books to read during your holiday down time. Hope you find some you will enjoy. Oh, and the audiobook edition of my novella, Kathleen Catches a Killer, is 99 cents on Nook and Chirp and $1.99 on Apple Books.   Click on the pictures below for details!      

Beatrice Bests the Burglars and 10th Year Anniversary

  Ten Years ago this month, I wrote my first blog post and published my first novel, Maids of Misfortune. I was also anticipating the birth of my first grandchild and about to turn sixty. Over all, a season of new beginnings. At the time, the self-publishing industry was in its infancy, and I had no idea whether or not anyone would ever read my blog or my book. But I had written the first draft of that book thirty years earlier, and just knowing that someone, other than my writers group and close friends, would finally get to meet Annie, the pretend clairvoyant, Nate Dawson, the handsome local lawyer, Dandy, the Boston Terrier, and all the other O’Farrell Street boardinghouse residents was enough. My plan, however, was to follow up that first book with a series of mysteries that Read more…

Taking Science Fiction Series out of Kindle Unlimited

Just a quick announcement that this is the last day my Paradisi Chronicles science fiction series (Between Mountain and Sea, Under Two Moons, Through Ddaera’s Touch–and the Boxed Set) will be in Kindle Unlimited. If you subscribe to KU, and think you might be interested in trying them, you will need to borrow them now because I’m not sure if or when I might put them in KU again. For those of you who don’t have Kindles and use other eReaders, watch here for announcements when the books show up in other retailers–which should be in a week or less. Thanks, M. Louisa Locke, November 24, 2019